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5 Popular Bathroom Designs For 2022 That Will Inspire You


Bathrooms will continue to evolve into the comfortable living spaces you have always wanted. Bathrooms are a place to relax and unwind. It’s time to replace your old bathroom with a new bathroom that not only fits your décor but also inspires you. Below are the most inspiring bathroom designs for 2022.

1. Organic Egg-Shaped Bathtub And Other Nature Inspired Designs

Bathrooms have been a haven for stress since time immemorial. The upcoming generation of bathrooms is going to be different, though. The trendiest theme of popular bathroom designs for 2022 will significantly depend on nature – frosted glass with pictures of trees and waterfalls, bathtubs sculpted like eggs, authentic bamboo blinds, or towels soft as silk. Welcome to the world of organic design!

Organic bathtubs are beautiful and bring a soothing touch to the bathroom. Egg-shaped bathtubs also offer a variety of sizes-small, medium and large. You can do a bathroom renovation to improve your bathroom and install an organic bathtub that will enhance the relaxing experience of bathing with egg-shaped bathtubs and other nature-inspired designs in your bathroom.

Imagine yourself taking a relaxing bubble bath in an organic egg-shaped bathtub filled with herbal vinegar, organic lavender oil, and sea salt. And don’t forget to enjoy the sound of water trickling down from a small fountain placed nearby.

2. Modern Tiles With A Natural Wood Look

The first thing you should consider when designing a bathroom for 2022 is the tile you will use. Now, wood is all the rage, with ceramic or porcelain tiles having the flair of wood for modern rustic appeal. These exotic natural-looking tiles alongside advanced and high-tech-looking ceilings with recessed lighting would contribute towards a futuristic bathroom theme.

Wood-looking bathroom tiles make it appear colorful and firm. The natural look may bring about comfort, relaxation, and warmth. The tiles are resilient, water-resistant, and similar in appearance to the natural wood; the biggest loser would not believe this new flooring could be ceramic tile!

3. Frameless Bathroom Enclosure

While the bathroom walls, ceiling, and floor look and feel less confining and more elegant in an open space, a frameless enclosure gives you a sense of privacy for fixtures. It truly respects your personal preferences in this regard, as it simply does not restrict you from designing a bathroom that makes you feel at ease.

Whether you want to focus on achieving that modern look or the most classic one, it’s up to you! You can do anything with bathroom mirrors as long as you can complement them with your choice of sinks and other materials. Frameless shower enclosures offer better bathroom versatility, but its smooth surface makes this design more attractive.

A frameless shower enclosure will leave you with a cleaner and spacious bathroom. While some bathroom features will come and go, the glass will remain a winner in the design department!

4. Black Accents And Deep Rich Colors

The state of your bathroom is one of the main concerns when you have guests. so it’s essentialto design it well. A warm color scheme and black accents with deep rich colors are the interior decorating trend for 2022. This color scheme is appropriate for smaller bathrooms, as these colors will help the space seem more significant. Plush curves and rounded edges with black accents and deep rich colors is a kind of creativity that is functional and beautiful at the same time.

5. Custom LED Lighting With Several Multi-Function Shower Heads

You have to like the shower room to use it every day. That’s why the bathroom is so personal because you have your preferences. However, there’s no doubt that every modern bathroom will need to have custom LED lighting. It will also be impossible to find a shower with only one nozzle or one mode. Instead, each nozzle will be equipped with several multi-function showerheads and offer numerous water flow and temperature combinations.

With local control, you will set it to any color you like. There will also be several types of showerheads—some with massage settings, some that pulse a few times per minute to push blood back up towards your heart to keep it healthy, and a variety of spray patterns.


There has been a lot of change in the bathroom design sector in recent years, and there you should expect more to come. People are becoming ever more environmentally conscious, and this increasing trend means that new eco-friendly designs have recently become popular. While there has also been a trend towards making bathrooms appear more prominent, organic natural materials have also been popular. However, even small bathrooms are turning into big retreats with new modern designs and creativity from MG Property Solutions. Designs have continued to evolve to a place where they are beautiful, comfortable, and function well.

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