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6 Living Room Interior Design Ideas in 2022


The living room of the house can set up the mood and energy of the entire space since it is the first room that a person enters through the door. The living room is an essential part of the house since guests and family members spend the most amount of time socializing in this space. The right living room interior can create a lively atmosphere and set the tone and theme of the entire house.

If you are looking to remodel your house or start from scratch, it is important to have an up-to-date living room interior. The right interior designer will always keep you updated with the latest trends for your living room interior design. From painting the home with the right colour combinations to selecting the right living room décor, creating an appealing living room interior needs a proper selection of ideas and execution.

You can take inspiration from these 6 living room interior design ideas for 2022 to design your ideal living room space.

Nature-Inspired Design Elements for Your Living Room

Nature is going to be a major point of reference for inspiration to design modern living room spaces in 2022. The colour palette for painting your living room walls can include more earthy tones with a combination of green colours to create an essence of nature. The living room décor will be designed with the inclusion of rustic materials such as different types of the original wood.

Make Minimalism Your Choice of Theme for 2022

Less is always more and this is also true in the case of planning the interior design of your living room space. Tell your interior designer to stick to the basics of designing your living room by selecting the minimum necessary living room décor. A minimalistic approach will open up space in your living room which will be the highlight of your interior room design. Painting the home with a minimalistic colour scheme of 2 colour combination can give visually appealing results and highlight your living room décor.

Modular Solutions for Living Room Space

Functionality is the need of the hour due to the limited availability of space in urban homes. This gives rise to the trend of modular furniture which is used to utilize every inch of space while displaying a contemporary look in your living space. Select modular furniture such as a TV unit with underneath storage space, customized sofa parts that can be adjusted into different forms, sliding bookshelves, and more.

Bring In the Combination of Vintage and Modern Design Themes

The best way to bring in the essence of the vintage era is to combine the regal and rustic elements with the sophistication of modern design. There are a lot of vintage design elements that stand strong when used individually. Blend the vintage era décor such as wooden furniture, wall moulding design, traditional rugs, and much more alongside modern window frames, flooring, colour combination, and new age lighting.

Make Use of Wallpaper to Create an Impactful Living Room

Wallpapers will always be in trend with the introduction of new design trends every year. Use a wallpaper design to create eye-catching accent walls to highlight your furniture or appliances. Using wallpaper can enhance the bland colour combinations of your living room space that require a kick of inspiration to stand out.

Create a Multi-Dimensional Living Room with Dedicated Spaces

The trend for 2022 is to create separate dedicated spaces in your living room for different activities. Creating separate spaces in your living room will add more depth to it while giving the benefit of multi-functionality. Design a separate reading space or dedicate a coffee table in the empty corner of your living room for your evening snacks. The possibilities are endless to utilize the empty corners of your living room.

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