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Here Are The Top Solar Pool Covers for 2023!


Although it looks like a bulky piece of plastic, solar fibreglass pool covers are designed for in-ground and above-ground pools, including hot tubs. Solar pool covers are an important aspect of pool maintenance. They provide several benefits.

Select a solar pool cover according to your requirements and pool size. Examples of requirements include heat loss prevention, raising water temperatures with solar energy, minimising ultraviolet exposure, etc. In addition, pay attention to the material and thickness of the solar pool cover. This will affect the cover’s function and durability.

What should you look for in a solar swimming pool cover?

When shopping for a cover for your inground fibreglass pool newcastle, pay attention to the following points.


Pool cover thickness is measured in millimetres. Most pool covers are available in three thickness levels- 8, 16, and 12 mil options. Some are also available in 14 mils. This is an important point to consider because it determines how long the cover will last. Thick pool covers do not rip or tear easily. A thick cover also blocks much of the sun’s heat from reaching the pool below.


This may seem like common sense, but it’s vital that you select a pool cover that covers the pool entirely. It should not be too small or too big. If you’re unsure about the pool size, opt for a large size. Then trim it to fit your pool.


Solar pool covers are usually made from three materials- polypropylene, vinyl, or polyethylene. Although vinyl covers are durable, they are heavy. The other two materials are the most common. However, if you want something that is tear-resistant, opt for a higher thickness level.

Top 5 solar fibreglass pool covers for 2023

1. Sun2Solar Series 1200 Rectangular Solar Cover.

This pool cover minimises fluctuations in water chemistry. It is also easy to adjust for fitting, not to mention easy to place on the pool. Available in blue colour, it performs all the important functions you’d expect from a pool cover. Built using flexible resin, this cover has the right balance between durability and thickness. It is also thin enough to let the heat from the sun pass through.

When placing this cover over your fibreglass pool, ensure the part layered with air bubbles is placed in the water. The smooth side should face upwards. The light blue surface absorbs ultraviolet rays. The bubbles transfer the UV energy into the pool below. Although solar pool covers transfer a lot of the sun’s heat into the water, this can significantly affect the chemistry of the pool water. This means you will have to use more chemical treatments to prevent algae formation and maintain the right pH balance in the pool.

This particular pool cover is the best overall product. It offers a versatile option for pool owners who want to prevent debris from entering the pool. It also locks the heat in during the night while absorbing the sun’s heat in the daytime.

2. Summer Waves Round Solar Pool Adjustable Cover.

Pools above ground have to deal with the loss of ambient temperature, especially through the sides. They’re also vulnerable to heat loss via evaporation. This is the best above-ground fibreglass pool cover. This problem is a big issue. The United States Department of Energy states that every pound of water measuring 80 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 27 °C) lost through evaporation equates to 1,048 BTU of warmth.

A solar fibreglass pool cover like this one will help minimise heat and water loss. Since it fits well across different pool sizes, you don’t have to spend time removing bugs, leaves, branches, or pollen from the pool. Simply remove the cover.

This particular pool cover is best suited for a pool with a diameter measuring ten to fifteen feet. Using the drawstring, you can fit the solar cover snugly around the edges. If your pool is smaller than ten feet, the cover won’t fit as well. However, the solid cover will prevent items from falling into your pool.

The Summer Waves Adjustable solar cover is built using durable PVC. It has drawstrings that enable you to adjust the cover according to the pool size. Its opaque appearance offers sound UV resistance.

3. Pool Supply World Solar Velox Cover.

If you are looking for a cover for your in-ground pool, this particular solar fibreglass pool cover is your best option. Its silver colour offers excellent UV resistance, enabling the sun’s heat to transfer into the pool below. At the same time, it blocks the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on chemicals in the pool.

The Pool Supply World solar cover offers a thickness of 16 mils. This is an extra durable material that can be easily stored or opened whenever you need it. You may use this cover during the night or day as it will prevent major fluctuations in the pool’s temperatures.

Best of all, the Velox Solar Cover is available in many sizes, covering most pool sizes.

4. Midwest Canvas Supreme Cover.

This solar fibreglass pool cover is ideal for oval-shaped pools. The material is clear, which is ideal for maximum heat absorption. This is why it is best for above-ground pools.

If your pool cover has an oval shape, avoid placing a round pool cover. This may leave the pool ends exposed. If you use a rectangular cover, some of it might overhang.

The Supreme Cover manufactured by Midwest Canvas is specifically designed for oval-shaped pools. It is available in seven sizes. Like other solar covers, it has a 12 mil thickness. Its clarity enables the sun’s heat to transfer into the pool water below. However, you may need additional chlorine to treat the water. Lastly, this is one of the few solar pool covers with a five-year warranty.

5. Sun2Solar Series 800 Solar Fibreglass Pool Cover.

This particular solar cover is an excellent way to save your money and time because it effectively prevents heat loss and debris. In addition, the cover is made from blue resin, which is excellent for blocking ultraviolet rays. This means you don’t have to put additional chemicals into the pool to maintain the pH.

Sun2Solar’s Series 800 is a good choice for pool owners on a budget. It has a thickness of 8 mil. Although it’s not the thickest pool cover, it still does a great job at keeping things out.

This pool cover is trimmed to fit. It is available in many sizes, for pools ranging from small to very large. You can also trim the cover to fit according to your pool’s specifications. Its light blue colour minimises the effect of radiation, so you don’t have to put in more pool chemicals.


In conclusion, the best pool covers combine safety, functionality, durability, and customisation. They prioritise the protection of individuals, keep the pool clean, withstand weather conditions, and meet the specific requirements of pool owners. By considering these factors, pool owners can make an informed decision and select a cover that offers reliable protection, convenience, and peace of mind.

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