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Maximizing Small Spaces: DIY Storage Solutions


Living in a small space can feel cramped and cluttered. Finding enough storage for all your belongings while maintaining a sense of openness is an ongoing challenge. Getting creative with do-it-yourself storage solutions can help maximize every inch of space in your small home. With some clever designs and strategic organization, you can create custom built-ins, multipurpose furniture, and innovative ways to stash your stuff out of sight.

Built-In Shelving and Cabinets

One of the best ways to add storage in a small space is to build customized shelving, cabinets and cubbies that make use of every bit of available wall space. Built-ins allow you to perfectly fit storage solutions into cramped areas like alcoves, under staircases, in corners, above doorways or on angled walls.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

This simple DIY project instantly adds storage space perfect for displaying photos, collectibles, and travel mementos without taking up valuable floor area. Measure the area you want to place the shelves and cut boards to size. The experts at SPAX screws recommend attaching the boards directly to wall studs using flat head screws for maximum strength. Add brackets if needed for additional support. Sand edges, prime and paint boards to match your wall color.

Recessed Cabinets

For a built-in look, construct basic plywood boxes with one side open to act as cabinet frames. Cut openings in your wall where you want to install the cabinets, insert frames and screw securely into wall studs using flat head screws. Install preassembled cabinet boxes inside openings and add doors to hide contents. Recessed cabinets keep necessities like cleaning supplies readily accessible but out of sight.

Under-Stair Storage

Wasted space under staircases provides the perfect spot for DIY storage. Measure and construct basic cubbies out of plywood to fit your unique stairwell design. Paint or wallpaper the interior of cubbies to match the rest of the room. Add doors, shelves, or baskets to hold items. Utilize every inch, including angled areas most people ignore. Just be sure to leave proper clearance for safety.

Doortop Organizers

Utilize the often-ignored space over doorways by mounting racks or slatted shelves to hang frequently used items like keys, hats, and purses. Install a basic coat rack, wall mount rack with hooks or a narrow wall-mounted shelf over any doorway.

Under-Bed Storage

Maximize the space under your bed by installing commercial bed risers or DIY versions made from standard lumber. Risers raise the bed frame 5-18 inches to allow storage bins or baskets to slide easily underneath. Label containers so you remember what’s inside each one and add wheels to make accessing stored items fast and easy.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables stack neatly together when not in use, taking up a fraction of the space compared to traditional table sets. Look for hollow core plastic or wooden nesting table sets designed specifically to fit compactly inside each other.


An upholstered ottoman seamlessly functions as a footrest, impromptu seating, and hidden storage chamber all in one. Lift the padded top to stash everything from spare blankets to board games to craft supplies inside. Look for cube-shaped ottomans that can double as side tables or provide extra seating when entertaining guests.


No matter the size of your home, implementing savvy organizational solutions can make your space feel expansive rather than confining. With some imagination and DIY prowess, you can customize smart storage spots that stow away clutter while fitting your personal style. Use these tips to create custom built-ins, give old furniture new purpose, maximize every overlooked space and discover storage furniture suited for small spaces. Soon you’ll have the organized, clutter-free home of your dreams.

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