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Moving Tips To Make Your Life Easier – Our Complete Guide


Moving can be a stressful encounter. However, with the proper measures and help from a professional mover, you can keep your stress to a minimum and have an easier life when moving. That way, you can remain calm and comfortable and be on top of the moving process. Here are tips from real-life experiences to help make your move more manageable and effective.

1. Find a Professional Moving Company

Moving is a stressful endeavor. However, you can mitigate the challenges that come with the moving process by hiring a professional mover like the McLaughlin Transportation Company. A professional moving company will help you with the heavy lifting to help you have an easy time and oversee the process while staying calm and focused.

They’ll assist you in acquiring appropriate packing containers, help you pack like a pro, and transport your belongings to the destination. You can also seek specialized storage services, whether short-term or long-term. That way, you can be sure you’ve got a professional mindful of your moving goals and will deliver your belongings intact.

2. Take Inventory Of The Items You Need To Move

When moving, it’s crucial to have a structured inventory to help you keep track of your stuff. List your items in categories to make it easy to identify them. You can categorize your items in terms of rooms, type of item, or usage. It can help you take stock of everything you’ve to move and act as proof in case of damages or loss of your belongings or package during transit.

A comprehensive inventory will also help identify the status of all your belongings so that you can easily confirm damages when unpacking, which may have occurred during transit or when handling. An inventory can also guide the kind and size of packaging containers you require. That way, you can be more efficient with your packaging supplies, and it helps you remain organized.

3. Know The Size Of Your Move

An inventory will help you know the size of your move. That can help you to negotiate favorable terms with your moving company from the point of strength instead of approximating the size of your belongings. Also, knowing the size of your move can help you determine the size and type of packaging containers you will need to execute a stress-free move. With a good understanding of the tasks ahead of you regarding the size of your move, you can schedule more viable timelines and make your planning easier.

4. DeclutterAnd Donate Unwanted Items

Moving offers an excellent opportunity to sort out and purge your belongings. The process involves removing items from your packing list. Such may include unusable items, items you have not used for a long time, expired and stale items, and unnecessary duplicates. You can either sell, donate, or throw away these items.

Decluttering also helps keep your new home organized by removing the bulk of unwanted items. That way, you can make your space inviting and organized. Purging also helps create more space for other belongings, thus reducing moving costs while eliminating the burden of carrying unwanted stuff.

5. Pack An Overnight Bag For Moving Day

When moving, taking care of your immediate needs while on transit and before settling into your new home is crucial. Consider what you or your team will require to meet their basic needs or make them comfortable while on the move.

Such essential items may include simple foods and drinks, snacks, medications, a first aid kit, flashlights, chargers, weather-appropriate clothing, and forms of entertainment such as music, toys, and games. Also, it’s crucial to have some cash to help deal with any other needs that may arise while moving or before settling in your new home.


Moving is one of those things you’ll all have to do at some point in your life. It’s never an easy choice, but understanding and preparing for the process can make it less stressful. Consulting a professional mover can help make your move easier and allow you to enjoy life despite the tasks ahead. Take your time, find the most appropriate mover, and set an adequate budget, and you will have a memorable moving experience.

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