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Nelson Partners – Assisting Property Owners with Student Housing Real Estate


If one has a property located near a college or university, it can become a potential income-generating asset. Today, students do not wish to stay in dorm rooms during their courses, so they are always searching for off-campus accommodation. This is where student housing real estate units can step in to help them. Here, the student gets a dedicated space for studying, cooking, eating, sports, entertainment, and meeting friends and family. The rent is affordable, and they can walk to their campus, saving a lot of travel costs and time. Most students cannot afford a car, so if one has such a property near any educational institution, it is a profitable venture for student housing today and in the future.

Nelson Partners – Focus on college students

Nelson Partners is a credible name in the student housing real estate development industry in the USA. The company was founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, an esteemed name in the industry with 14 years of valuable experience under his belt. Today, this privately-owned company manages assets that are over $400 million and is a trustworthy name in the industry.

The team of experts here enters into long-term partnerships and collaborations with property owners to assist them in creating student housing properties in prime locations near some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. They assist them with property management and other related matters with success.

Why is student housing better than renting out to a single-family?

Student housing properties are popular as they generate more income and revenue than renting out a single property to one family. Moreover, when the family leaves, one has to spend money on advertisements to list the property for new tenants. However, in the case of student housing properties, there are never zero occupancies. This is because if one set of students leave, the remaining still occupy the space, so rents will come in.

Colleges and universities have admissions every year, and students will look for off-campus accommodation near to the premises. So, when it comes to promoting your property, you do not have to spend a single dollar as, via word-of-mouth, students will be aware of your existence, and whenever a vacancy occurs, they will contact you for occupancy. Unlike the traditional rental arrangements, you will never have zero income or occupancy on the premises.

According to Nelson Partners, the property value also increases with time. So, if you wish to sell the property in some years, you can effectively do so with a profit. Every two to three years,the value of the property increases, and you will get an attractive return for your investment with success.

Investing in student housing real estate is a smart move, and with specialist companies, you can create the right ambiance and premises for students. They are long-term tenants, and when it comes to the payment of rents, you will get a stable income every month. Selling the property after some years in the future will be highly lucrative for you too. This is why student housing is booming, and investing in it is a smart choice!

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