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Picasso Heads Sculptures: original shapes from Murano


Venice is globally known for its beauty and elegance, where the calm and peacefulness of the sea  go hand in hand with the magnificence of its palaces. Visiting the city, your attention will be captured  by the natural beauty surrounding it. Every step cannot be made without looking at the majesty and  elegance of the streets, the corners, and the palaces. The origin of Venice starts after the fall of the  West Roman Empire around VI century AD, when the inland population was looking for refuge  against barbarian invasions. Thus, the lagoon represented a possible escape because of the irregular tide and the invisible navigating path, accessible only to those who knew it.

For this reason, the lagoon itself represented the only defense for its inhabitants: with the sea as a  parade and the Arsenal workers as palace guards. Living so isolated, they specialized in the economic  trade of fish and salt, considered an extremely precious commodity back then. The first Venetian  citizens were boatmen and watermen indeed.

The Venetian lagoon has been offering pieces of art obtained from glass as well. Becoming richer  and richer thanks to silk, spices, and precious material exports, Venetian people were able to  specialize in new productive sectors. One of them was glass production. In the beginning, furnaces  used to work glass were placed on Venice island. However, as other powers tried to reproduce them,  the glass-making sector needed further protection. This is why furnaces were moved to Murano, an  island belonging to the Venetian lagoon.

This smaller island nowadays is still well-known for producing astonishing glass products, resulting  from the skilled hands of the Glass Masters. In this context, YourMurano plays an important role in  the promotion of these unique pieces of art by selling the products of the major 20 furnaces on the  island.

Recently, there were produced astonishing Picasso’s Heads by Vetreria Badioli’s glass masters.  Murano Artisans were inspired by the abstractness of Picasso’s art to create sculptures with bright  colors. The work of Vetreria Badioli recalls the ancient glass tradition in Murano, by offering artistic  and original products. Initially founded by Mario Badioli, this glass factory has contributed to the  history of the Murano Glass making sector, being able to spread their Operas in the entire world.  Many awards were given indeed, as a symbol of this achievement.

In our catalog, you can have a look at the many Picasso’s Heads created in this furnace. These sculptures are a combination of the originality of Picasso’s work and the traditional glass blowing techniques of Murano. The heads vary in forms and dimensions: from the smallest ones  with bright colors to the tallest ones with quadratic shapes.

The multicolored Venetian sculptures are a perfect solution if you want to add an artistic and refined  touch to your home décor. The cubist design is perfect in a modern living room or as an irreplaceable  glass object to astonish your guests. If you are intrigued by them, you should check out these  inimitable creations!

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