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If you are a resident of Atlanta and trying to buy or sell a house or just a common citizen living peacefully in his own house, you must have come across a term at least once in your recent times known as Home Inspection Atlanta. What is a home inspection and why is everyone talking about it? A home inspection is basically a process in which the real estate property is inspected and reported thoroughly especially when it is on the market to be sold. This does not mean that if you are not trying to sell your property, you cannot get a home inspection done.

A regular home inspection is always recommended for people living in a house for a longer period of time and by regular we mean annual home inspections or once every two years in order to be sure that the roof you are living under with your family is safe for you to live and there are neither any health hazards nor any structural issues are present. All Real Estate Inspections basically depend upon the property inspector hence this decision should be taken wisely and after considering all the factors that proves that the home inspector is legitimate and have all the necessary certifications and expertise to conduct your home inspection thoroughly and deliver value and quality.

Now after choosing an appropriate home inspector for your house, one must know the things that are involved in a home inspection to go through what the home inspector is doing in order to evaluate his performance. When a home inspector visits your property, he will analyze your property in general having a keen look at the structure of your house and the functions involving heating and cooling systems, electrical works, plumbing, water, sewage, fire alarms and other safety features in order to know if everything is working properly and serving its purpose. When the home inspector will be done with the preliminary inspection, he will move onto the pressing concerns that may need his immediate attention like testing the air quality of the house in order to know that the air inside the house is safe to breath for the residents of the house. Once this step is passed, then he can move onto the other issues that can affect the health as well which is the presence of asbestos inside the house in a form of insulation which has been known to cause a certain health condition of lungs known as asbestosis.

Another very important fact is the presence of lead in the paint of the house which is proven by science to be fatal for the infants. When the health issues that can be caused due to the conditions present inside the house, then the home inspector should move onto the structural issues that can be present at the property. As we are talking about the state of Atlanta and nearby areas, the majority of the structure of the house is made up of wood and the main issue that is with the wood is that it can be eaten by wood destroying insects. Wood destroying insects are of many types like wood destroying ants, beetles and termites. In all of these, termites are the ones that are the major culprits as they live in the form of colonies and cause major destruction to the wooden structure of the house. As it is mentioned before that the major part of the house is made up of wood and the presence of termites in the house cause major destruction which costs a lot of money and discomfort for the residents of the house as well because getting rid of such predators and then repairing the whole house requires the evacuation of the residents and then proceed with the whole program that involves the elimination of termites on the property. It is not only the termites that cause issues to the structure of the house but also other problems like sewer system and plumbing links involved in the house.

A slight issue related to this hinders the whole system of the house and the repair for this is as costly as the repair of damage caused by termites. Then there are other problems that are involved in a home inspection that your home inspector can guide you the best regarding all other issues that need immediate attention so that preventive measures could be taken against them as soon as possible. Having all this information is very important for the owner of the house as when he knows what is wrong with the house then he can deal with everything after having proper knowledge of what needs to be inspected and how.

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