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Tips to Guide You Increase Your Chances of Finding Long-Lasting Outdoor American Flags


A flag is an essential piece of any nation’s culture. The American flag represents freedom, justice, patriotism, and perseverance, and any citizen can fly it. Many Americans own outdoor or indoor flags to create a sense of community, bring people together, and depict the right to choose their destiny.

Well, because the American flag means something exclusive and remarkable to all citizens, you should invest in a top-notch design. The long lasting outdoor American flags are a top pick in the market and are a worthwhile investment. Keep reading to learn more.

Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Outdoor American Flag

If you are eager to show your patriotism with an outdoor flag, invest in a high-quality design. You must consider the flag’s good looks, how to display it, performance, and durability. There are many factors you may not have focused on at work on an American outdoor flag.

Have a look:

Type of Flags 

You must figure out the type of American flag you need for the outdoor flag post. There are printed flags made from material printed on both sides. They are the cheapest option in the market and come in thin, flat, and lightweight fabric.

Then, there are fully sewn flags made from fabric stitched and assembled together. The extra labor and expertise used to make these flags make them expensive and durable.

Flag Material 

When looking for an outdoor flag, you must settle for the most long-lasting option. So, what material should you settle for? The common materials used in designing the American flag are nylon and polyester.


It’s a popular material used in the American outdoor flag. It can be made in diverse forms and blended with other fabrics. Hence, it has many properties that make it a top choice for outdoor flags. What makes nylon flags stand out?

  • Lightweight
  • Stronger than natural fibers
  • UV, abrasion, chemical degradation, cold and heat resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • Elastic and durable
  • Easy to wash


Polyester comprises many polymers, and it’s a synthetic material.  Many Americans settle for polyester flags because the material is heavier than nylon. This is a feature that makes it ideal for high wind outdoor spaces.

Many manufacturers use two-ply polyester layers to make the flags durable. You’ll also settle for polyester flags because:

  • Well-blended with natural fibers
  • Low water absorption
  • UV, heat, cold, stain, abrasion, and wrinkle resistant
  • Hard to tear
  • Easily washable

Flag Size 

if you want to fly the American flag with dignity, explore the available sizes. Outdoor flags are in diverse sizes, with smaller options being 2 by 3 feet and larger options measuring 30 by 60 feet.

USA Made Designs

As a patriot, show your love for the American flag by supporting American-made designs. Flags made outside the USA will lack perfection and quality. You’ll also support domestic manufacturers and show pride in American workmanship.


Compare the cost of American flags on sale and pick types that fit into your budget and taste. The price will vary depending on the flag’s size, material used, design, and the manufacturer.

Ultimately, with the right tips at your fingertips, picking the best American flag for outdoor space shouldn’t be daunting. It’s satisfying to find the right flag design, size, material, and budget-friendly option. Take your time, compare flag designs, and settle for long-lasting options. Consult sales experts at your favorite USA-made flag store if stuck, and fly your pride high above.

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