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Top Australian Kitchen Tap Brands


When buying new kitchen taps one of the smartest things you could do is identify some of the best brandsthat have a reputation for quality products and great service. Not only can doing this help you to refine your options, but you will also be able to ensure that you are buying kitchen taps of a very fine standard. In order to help you find these brands, we have a list of Australian companies with a rich history of providing outstanding products, including kitchen taps.

Here then are some of our favorite kitchen tap brands.

Armando Vicario Kitchen Taps

If you are looking for a classy kitchen tap with great functionality and lifespan, look no further than the beautiful collection by Italian designer Armando Vicario. The company specializes in single-lever taps, usually with a high arc. The result is a simple, sleek, and minimalist tap that comes in both polished and brushed chrome. For modern kitchens with glossy countertops and cupboards, this is a great company to look at.  This is a company with over 40 years of experience in tap manufacturing and design, giving you the confidence that your purchase will be of the highest standard. 

Gessi Kitchen Taps

Gessi has gained a high-quality reputation both here and abroad, and that is because of the attention to detail that you will find in their kitchen mixer taps. Much like Armando Vicario, the focus is generally on kitchen mixer taps and single-levers, although we do see some flexible designs thrown into the mix too. These are robust taps with a beautiful finish, often appearing like industrial chic. Gessi taps range in price from around the $900 mark upwards. This would be a fine addition to anyone’s kitchen. This is an Italian company that has really risen to prominence in Australia in recent years. Another neat feature of this particular brand is that all of their taps are made using water-saving technology, helping you to minimize your usage.

Gareth Ashton Kitchen Taps

For those looking at the lower end of tap pricing, yet who still want great-looking taps in the kitchen, Gareth Ashton provides a wonderful array of tapware. These products focus on classic style and design that can fit into just about any kitchen, regardless of theme. From simple kitchen mixers to goose-neck designs, there is something for everyone when you shop with this brand. Gareth Ashton is a relatively new name on the scene, yet that doesn’t mean you cannot have absolute faith in the brand’s designs and build quality. The products are heavily tested and they are slowly but surely taking over the Australian market. Here you can guarantee that you have a beautiful kitchen tap, without it breaking the bank.

No matter whether you are on the lookout for kitchen mixer taps, classic taps for a traditional kitchen, or something new, sleek, and chic, these are the brands that you should be looking to. When you shop with the brands on this list you can be certain that you will have no issues regarding the functionality or the aesthetics of these attractive products. Which brand will you be looking to buy your kitchen taps from?

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