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What You Should Do When Relocating Your Office


Moving your office from one location to another can require plenty of planning and hard work. Everything can become much easier if you are as prepared as possible to move your office to Las Vegas.

We’ll look at some of the main things you should do if you’re planning to relocate your office to a different part of the city or to a different place altogether.

Plan as Soon as Possible

If you’re able to, start planning early. The more prepared you are, the easier things could be. If you have the time ahead of you, allow at least 12 months to get ready to move your office and make the necessary preparations. There may be more involved than you initially think, so before making any decisions, take a step back and consider everything that you will need to achieve in this time.

Make a Checklist

To help you determine how much time to allocate to the moving process, make an initial checklist of everything you anticipate you will need. Take into consideration all the admin processes that might be involved with moving, such as changing your address and making updates to your website. You may have to give notice on your current office lease, and the timeframe for this could impact the planning time for moving too.

Create a Plan for the New Office

While getting ready to move everything from your existing office, don’t forget to plan for the new office too. This may include considering what your office setup should look like, buying or transporting office furniture, and communicating all the changes to your team members. While you might not need to create a comprehensive plan in the early stages, it’s important to identify anything that might need a longer lead time so you can factor this into planning accordingly.

Book a Moving Company

Moving companies can get booked up very quickly, especially if you’re planning to move during the summer when office moving is more popular. If you have a large quantity of office furniture to take with you, booking a moving company in advance will be an important step in the process. Regardless of whether you have a lot of office furniture to move with you, it’s important to consider what your moving requirements will be and book the right company as early as possible to secure their help.

Communicate Well

You will need to communicate the details of your office moving process with all the parties involved. When you’re ready to communicate to any staff members, ensure that the message is able to reach everybody and that they are clear about the implications of the office moving. Contact suppliers and other companies who may be impacted by your office relocation. Regular communication with customers, particularly in the lead-up to the office moving, may also be identified as an important part of the process.

Make Plans for Disruption

If your customers may notice a disruption during the days that you are moving your office, make sure there are plans in place to mitigate any problems caused. Letting your customers know in advance is one of the best ways to mitigate any complaints and disappointment. Put a prominent message on your website for any visitors to see, and send an alert to anyone on your email lists. Use social media channels to spread the message further, and ask all staff to remind customers during other communications.

Making Your Office Move Smoother

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