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4 practical tips for making your bed in style


The bed is the main piece of any room and that’s why it’s important to keep it always tidy. A stylish bed can be a way to show your personality and tell a little bit about your tastes and preferences – and for that there are no big secrets!

Check out some tips that we have prepared to help you make your bed even more beautiful and cozy for a good night’s sleep. Make your bed more stylish, and have a real hotel room in your home.

1. Protect your mattress

Before starting to compose the items that will be visible on your bed, it is important to protect your mattress against dust mites and fungi. A good mattress protector will also extend the life of your bed and will prevent stains or damage that could be caused by liquids. So you can have that breakfast in bed with no worries!

2. Wingback Beds Bedding Set

In addition to colors and patterns, it’s important to choose the proper size for your Wingback Beds set to ensure it doesn’t get too small or too big. In general, bed sets have a bottom sheet – and it’s always good to opt for the options with elastic, which help to keep the bed more organized -, a top sheet without elastic and two pillowcases. Also pay attention to the quality of the fabrics and their composition, giving preference to 100% cotton.

A tip to make the sheets tauter is to spray a mixture of water and alcohol while you stretch the piece with your hands. Alcohol evaporates quickly and leaves no smell, and your bed will look even tidier.

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3. Covering the bed

Top sheets, bed covers and quilts are used to cover the bed and protect it from dust and other dirt. They also add a decorative touch and make the bed more stylish. In this regard, it is also worth using pillows to add volume and texture to the composition.

The duvets, on the other hand, as they are more robust and difficult to wash, should only be used during the coldest periods of the year. However, if you choose to use it in your decor, choose a size larger than your bed to ensure proper fit. For example, if your bed is a queen size, buy a king size comforter.

To give your bed an even more stylish touch, opt for decorative blankets. In addition to being a reinforcement to keep warm on colder days, they make the composition more interesting and can be used more flexibly over the bed, without exact folds, to give more texture and movement.

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4. Pillows

To make your bed even more imposing, make use of extra pillows. For queen beds, the suggestion is to use four pillows with different pairs of pillowcases, following the pattern of the bed set and the bed cover. For king beds it is possible to use up to six pillows. As with mattresses, it is also possible (and recommended) to use protective covers on pillows so that they have a longer shelf life and are protected against dust mites and fungi.

This headboard has a smoothly rounded top rail that brings an interesting vintage or rustic vibe to the space in and around your bed.

It also comes with a distinctive parchment work that elevates the overall elegance of this headboard to give it an old world charm.

It is equipped with 6 robust castings that add a playful touch to the design while enhancing the sturdiness of the headboard.

On the other hand, the straight vertical shafts work to enhance the illusion of more space, making this design ideal for smaller rooms.

This metal headboard has a classic style and silhouette that will blend perfectly with your bedroom décor and your other furniture.

The well-made steel frame is combined with the foam padded upholstery that elevates the luxurious vibe and overall functionality of this headboard.

It is equipped with a non-corrosive frame that ensures that your headboard is protected from rust even after years of use.

The padded upholstery offers greater comfort by leaning on this surface while sitting in bed, while reading or while watching television.

This headboard can be easily attached to your existing bed frame in minutes.

This product does not include a bed frame, which must be purchased separately.

It is backed by a 5-year limited warranty that protects

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