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5 Tips To Make Your Home Look Classy


Have you ever received a compliment about how good your home is? Or are you the one who always gives compliments? You probably think that your friends live in a better home than yours, but that is not entirely correct. Whether you have a small or big space, you can make your home look classy and at the same time stay organized with these five tips:

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

One of the simplest yet most effective changes you can make is to add a fresh coat of paint to your home. For example, choose soft colors like sky blue, sunset yellow, and light green to make your home look more relaxing. On the other hand, you can also go with lively colors like pastel pink or orange. The paint color you choose, however, will depend on your personal taste and preference. To add character, choose a bold color for an accent wall and make it look like there’s a wall mural painting. Also, ensure that the paint blends well with your furniture and decor pieces.

Add texture to your wall

Another easy way to make your home look classy is by adding texture to your walls. Walls with different textures will give your home more depth and appeal. It will also look unique because of its dual impression. Today, there are a plethora of wallpapers, panels, and textures that you can choose from. You can add some to your accent wall or even all over the walls.

Buy unique furniture

The furniture you have in your home elevates the look of your home. Choose furniture with unique designs and shapes to make your home look different from others. Some of the furniture you can buy include unique antique sofa sets, a rosewood sideboard, or a mid-century dining set. These types of furniture will make your home look classy and elegant.

Install high-quality flooring

Believe it or not, the right choice in the type of flooring material can be the difference between classy and inexpensive. To achieve an elegant look, choose hardwood flooring over laminate. This will give your home the classic and chic look that you are aiming for. You can also opt for patterned tiles or cork flooring to complement the wallpapers or paints that you have chosen for your home.

Add plants and flowers

Adding a few potted plants or flowers to your home brings more life to it. It is because plants give you that serene and refreshing look, no matter how small or big your space is. Actually, even adding one plant to your home will make it look more welcoming. But if you want to add more dimension, paint your pots or vases in bright colors like red, orange, and yellow.

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