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7 Easy Tips to Choose the Perfect House Painting Services


Every house owner knows the importance of hiring the right house painting service to refresh your home. The right painting contractor will understand your creative vision for your home and bring in his industry knowledge and expertise. The outcome? A home that is no less than a masterpiece.

Have you decided to hire professional help to revamp your sanctuary this year? Now that that’s out of the way, you simply need to hire a top-notch one while you are at it. We recommend that you hire a professional painting service like AapkaPainter who will take care of every minute detail that goes into creating your dream home.

Read along as we reveal 7 easy tips to choose the right house painting service for your home renovation.

Look for Strong Testimonials

Make sure that you get strong testimonials from satisfied clients of the painting contractor that you are planning to hire.

Don’t shy away from getting in touch with these previous clients and asking about their experience and complaints. This will help you get a better understanding of the painting work and customer service of the painting company.

Check His Experience and Portfolio

Hire someone who has decades of experience and sound industry knowledge. Your painting contractor should be your sounding board who will let you know what is trending in the world of interior design.

Ask for his portfolio so that you get to see his previous work and get some inspiration from them. Curious to know more about house painting in Chennai? Head over to the AapkaPainter website and thank us later.

Inquire About His Insurance and Licence

Make sure that you hire a house painting service that has a valid licence to work. Not only that, make sure that the painting contractor or the painting company values the painters who work under them and provide them with insurance in case of any unforeseen mishaps during painting work on the site.

Check Their Materials

You must hire a house painting service that uses superior-quality paints, primers and other materials. The last thing you want is to hire a paint company that is cutting corners and using subpar materials to build your home.

Read Online Reviews

Besides asking your neighbours, friends and family for references, you can also make use of the web. Read online reviews of the painting contractors in your locality and narrow down at least three to five painters you want to schedule an interview with.

Want to know more about how house painting in Chennai works? Get in touch with the folks at AapkaPainter today and let them help you figure out your home renovation situation with minimum stress and effort.

Get a Detailed Written Proposal

If a painting contractor gives you a vague quotation, then it is a sign to reconsider hiring him. A painting quotation should be detailed and in a written format.

It should include every minor detail about the painting work from the budget, repair work, number of painters to the brand of paint, working hours and touch-ups, etc.

Ask for Warranty

Before you hire a painting company, ask them about the warranty. While some painting companies offer only a year-long warranty, some offer three years of warranty.

A pro tip is to ask what the warranty will cover. For example, will it cover materials and labour? Make sure that you get a written list of exclusions to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

The Final Verdict

Now that you know how to hire the best home painting for your home refreshing project, you can go ahead and get started. Intrigued to learn more about house painting in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities in India?

Check out AapkaPainter’s website to understand how you can have a seamless house painting in Hyderabad experience in 2024. Whether you want help choosing the right colour palette for your home design, waterproofing your roof, integrating textures on your living room’s accent walls or deep cleaning your home this summer, AapkaPainter provides all these services and more.

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