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AC Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer!


This summer has been scorching all throughout the country, and it’s looking like we’re all in for an extended heat wave as record temperatures are being set on almost a daily basis.

This means that air conditioning is going to be vital and even life-saving in some parts of America, and that ac maintenance is going to be necessary in order to prevent any premature breakdowns when these household appliances are needed most.

No one wants to see their AC system malfunction when the weather is this hot, so here are some AC maintenance tips to help keep your home cool this summer!

Regularly Changing Out Your Filters

Dirty or clogged air filters can be disastrous for your AC system’s overall efficiency, so it’s crucial to replace your filters on about a monthly basis. This is particularly important during the summer months when you’re using your AC everyday.

Fixing Any AC Leaks

Leaks can cause AC systems to lose about 30-50% of airflow, which then makes your house extremely hot. Although it can be really difficult to pinpoint where an AC leak is occurring, your local HVAC specialists will be able to conduct “smoke tricks” to figure out where to start working.

Even the slightest of leaks should be addressed this time of year, because the summer months are when you need your AC system the most and can’t afford to experience an exacerbated leak!

Insulate Your Home To Keep Air Cooler

All of your air ducts found within your crawl spaces and attics should be thoroughly wrapped in insulation to make sure they’re keeping air as cool as possible this time of year.

There are many different types of residential insulation that’ll get the job done, but lacking insulation can be extremely risky!

Get Your Condenser or Compressor Serviced

Your AC system is going to have a condenser and compressor that’s more than likely located outside, which can put it at risk of overheating during serious heat waves.

Make sure there’s about two feet of space all around your AC unit in all directions, which means cutting down any tall grass, bushes, leaves or shrubs near your unit.

Try To Keep Your AC Unit& Home As Cool As Possible

You can extend the overall lifetime of your AC system by keeping shades and blinds down during the daytime, and you can also install awnings that protect your property’s sunniest areas.

Running your AC alongside ceiling fans can also help keep your home and system as cool as possible this summer.

Conduct An Annual AC Maintenance Appointment

Your local HVAC team is generally available to conduct yearly maintenance appointments this time of year, and this is by far one of the best things you can do to ensure a safe and comfortable summer at your home.

AC maintenance appointments will include a thorough checkup of your entire system, and your hired professionals will also likely conduct the following tasks:

  • Inspecting and cleaning coils
  • Replacing and cleaning filters
  • Replacing and adjusting fan belts
  • Checking and cleaning fans and blowers
  • Checking pressures and refrigerant
  • Inspecting safeties and controls
  • Lubricating bearings and motors
  • Verifying your system’s operational temperatures

Upgrading Your System For Improved Efficiency

It’s possible that you’re currently seeing skyrocketing energy bills this summer due to your AC usage, and this could mean that it’s time to upgrade your unit to a more energy-efficient model.

Today’s AC systems are incredibly efficient due to all sorts of new regulatory guidelines, so it could be a good idea to consider an upgrade this summer if you feel like you’re spending too much and not getting enough AC efficiency in return!

Contact The HVAC Experts At Beehive Heating & Air To Learn More About Their AC Maintenance Services!

There’s a lot that homeowners need to keep in mind this summer when it comes to staying cool and comfortable, and AC maintenance can go a long way to help prevent any disasters from occurring.

You can learn more about AC maintenance by speaking directly with the Beehive Heating & Air team via the link to their website located at the top of the page!

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