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How the Energy Capital of the World Goes Solar


It’s not a boast to say that “Everything’s larger in Texas.” Houston isn’t just about Texas Rangers and 10-gallon hats. Houston has over 4600 companies that are involved in nearly every aspect of the oil industry, including marketing, production, supply, and exploration.

Let’s take a look at how Houston has been covering its energy needs and see the progress they’ve made in solar.

Is Houston’s Solar Panels Worth it?

Solar panels are worth the effort regardless of where you live, but especially if your state is Texas. Houston TX, which has about 204 sunny hours per year, is the ideal place to install solar panels.

Houston’s Lightning Bolt Climate Action Plan

It was discovered that Houston was responsible for 34.3 Million Meters of greenhouse gas emissions. This was mainly due to Houston’s residence and transportation.

The Four Blazing Areas

Houston’s Climate Action Plan cuts greenhouse gas emissions from its top energy users. These include residential and businesses (49%), transportation (47%), and waste management (4%). Houston’s Climate Action Plan will focus on enhancing building and home energy efficiency, as well as formulating plans to dispose of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. The plan will also assess areas of transportation and energy transition.

Emissions Too Hot to Handle

Houston has been consuming energy for a while and its pollution problems are far from over. Although Houston’s Climate Action Plan aims to offset carbon emissions through the above-mentioned developments, it won’t be enough. Houston intends to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by planting 4.6 million native trees by 2030.

Houston is also working to develop carbon capture technology. This technology will capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, store it underground, and isolate it.

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