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Closet Essentials for Your Classic Wardrobe


Most people think of closet essentials or “closet basics” as clothing that every person should have. The French Refinery understands that these terms can mean something different. The French Refinery considers them the best storage options for common items that every wardrobe should have. Closet essentials should be the minimum amount of items that every closet should contain. You might want to make your closet more appealing by organizing your clothes, shoes, and accessories, or you may just be looking to save time searching for the right things.

Long Hanging Sections

Long-hanging closet sections are a must for pieces in your wardrobe you want to take care of and keep wrinkle-free. They’re the ideal place to hang dresses for women. They’re also great for both suits and pants.

Double-Hang Section

This section is one of the best closet necessities because you can hang multiple items you wear often together in one spot. You can hang your dress shirts, jackets, and blazers for the men above, and your dress pants below. Dress shirts, blouses, and jackets can be hung above, with mini, pencil, A-line, and other types of short skirts below.

Shoe Shelves

There are better options than simply stacking shoe boxes on top of each other. Shoe shelves allow you to store your shoes in a neat and organized manner so that they are always at your fingertips when you need them. They also make it easy to display your collection.

Valet Rods

Valet rods will make your closet look bigger than it is. Because they are so versatile, valet rods can be a great closet staple. They are used by many people to hang different clothes to plan outfits. They can be useful for packing, ironing, drying, and when you need to make sure it doesn’t wrinkle.

Baskets & Bins

Baskets and bins are essential closet necessities. They’re versatile, useful, and can hold everything you need. There are many options of colors, sizes, styles, and materials that you can choose from to find bins or baskets that match your wardrobe design.

This article was written by Jordan Legault, Jordan is the owner of The French Refinery. Founded in 2015, The French Refinery quickly built a name and reputation for high-end cabinetry with quality craftsmanship and attention to fine detail. We strive every day to provide the utmost in customer service because our customers deserve the best we can provide. We have built a hand-picked team of talented craftsmen with over 100 years of combined experience. Custom cabinetry is our craft, we love what we do, and we make it show through the work we provide on a daily basis. Click Here to learn more.

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