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Bespoke Sheepskin Rugs: All The Colours of the Rainbow


Bespoke sheepskin rugs are the ultimate luxury home accessory. They’re an affordable way to add warmth and style to any space, while offering the perfect balance of formality and comfort – and are something which we adore being able to offer at Hide Rugs. But with so many different colours available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Fortunately, we’ve listed all the bespoke options you could ever want or need! Whether you prefer your space neutral, monochromatic, or as vibrant as you are; there’s a perfect sheepskin rug for everyone. 

Neutral Bespoke Sheepskin Rugs

If you’re a fan of the neutral and classic look, then these neutral sheepskin rug colour options are the perfect fit. These neutral colours will complement a wide range of decor themes, including rustic, countryside, and modern.

Thankfully for fans of the natural colouring, our classic Sheepskin hide collection also boast a variety of neutral customer favourites – from ivory white and taupe to stone and pencil grey.

Monochromatic Bespoke Sheepskin Rugs

If you prefer to keep things simple, then monochromatic rugs are a great option. These rugs all share the same colour palette, which makes them the perfect choice for minimalist homes. Ourtop picks for monochromatic colours include:

– Grey:

A classic cool tone. Perfect for accenting a wide range of decor themes.

– Graphite Grey:

A warm grey tone, perfect for creating a cosy and relaxed ambiance.

– Steel Grey:

A warm and natural tone that works well with classic decors.

Bespoke Sheepskin Rugs in Dark and Rich Colours

Dark and rich colours are perfect for adding a touch of drama to any room. If you’re searching for a rug that will instantly add warmth and character, then these dark and rich colours are the perfect choice. These rugs are also ideal if you want to hide imperfections in your floors and add a cosy feel to your room. The dark and rich colours on offer include:

– Black:

A classic and bold colour that works well in both modern and classic decors.

– Indigo:

An intriguing and eye-catching tone that revamps any space.

– Royal Blue:

A deep and vivid colour which will keep your interiors modern yet classic in style.

– Blue:

A popular and inviting colour for any room in the house.

– Red:

A bold yet regal colour which is sure to turn heads, for all the right reasons.

Bright and Vibrant Bespoke Sheepskin Rugs

Bright and vibrant colours are the perfect choice for those who love to make a statement. If you’re looking for a rug that will instantly add colour and character to any room, then these vibrant colours are the perfect solution. These rugs are also ideal if you want to hide imperfections in your floors and add a cosy feel to your room. Our more colourfulcolours include aquamarine, azure Blue, cobalt, golden yellow, green apple, light coral, orange, pink, purple and red.


Perfect for adding warmth and character to any room, these luxury sheepskin rugs are a great way to bring your home to life! Whether you prefer to keep things simple, or you love to make a statement; there’s a perfect sheepskin rug for everyone. From classic monochromatic tones to bold and vibrant shades; there’s a sheepskin rug to suit every room and every personality. Make sure to design your own unique hide now.

Think we don’t have what you’re looking for? Think again.

If our standard bespoke sheepskin hide selection is not exactly what you are looking for then please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and offer a price.

We can offer straight edges instead of the natural edges, mix a range of colours into one rug, create patchwork rugs, circular shaped rugs, or even multi-layered rugs with a combination of sheepskins!

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