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How to Keep Your Commercial Refrigerator in Peak Condition


Keeping a commercial refrigerator in good working condition is essential as they are often used to store a large amount of food, medicines, and other items in need of refrigeration. This can add up to a high-value amount that the business may not be able to afford if lost due to malfunctioning equipment. Here are some helpful maintenance tips to follow.

Keep it Clean

Keeping the interior and exterior of your refrigerator clean can help avoid many problems. When you regularly clean your freezer, you can more easily detect problems like water leaks and strange odors that could indicate serious issues. Allowing dirt to build up in areas like the evaporator, condenser coils, and fan blades can also interfere with efficient running.

Make use of mild bleach and detergent solution to sanitize the surfaces properly. Perform a deep clean at least once every month, switching off the freezer/refrigerator and taking out all the items and shelves. A vacuum can help get rid of dust and other loose debris around the condenser. Be sure to turn off the condenser before vacuuming. If you can, reverse the airflow to blow out and away from this dirt. Also, take time to inspect the sealing of your refrigerator when cleaning.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

While you can do things to maintain your equipment, it is necessary to regularly schedule inspection and maintenance work from a professional HVAC specialist. At the very minimum, this should be done once or twice a year, depending on your unit’s age, condition, and usage.

The specialist can help with more complicated preventative maintenance work like replacing intricate worn parts and advise you on how best to keep it running efficiently. Regular maintenance is often cheaper than waiting for a refrigerator to break down and need repairs. It will also help to extend the life of your equipment.

If you detect warning signs that your refrigerator could be malfunctioning, with signs such as odd smells, noises, water leaks, and fluctuating temperatures, be sure to call in an HVAC specialist. The earlier you address such problems when they become evident, the less likely an unexpected breakdown will occur, requiring more expensive repairs to be done.

Avoid Overhead Storage

It is common for items to be placed on refrigerators when looking for storage space. However, doing this can prove costly as added weight on top could interfere with the stability of the overhead ceiling panels. This could result in damage to the sealing or insulation, which could compromise the functionality of the refrigerator.

Practice Energy-Saving Habits

Regular maintenance and cleaning can help your refrigerator work more efficiently, allowing you to pay less for energy bills. It is also good to ensure your staff practices good energy-saving habits, like not leaving the refrigerator door open for prolonged periods or placing items in the refrigerator while still hot. This introduces warmer air into your refrigerator, forcing it to work harder to lower the temperature. Also, be sure to lubricate door hinges and handles to allow for smoother operation, and be on the lookout for any loose electrical connections.

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