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Instructions to Sell a House with a Realtor


You and your Realtor both bring critical insights to the table. You know your home better than anybody else as the owner. They can recommend key updates and advise you against unnecessary expenses. You can also market the home based on an expert assessment of local market conditions.

Find a good Realtor to sell your house

Too many homeowners fail to do their due diligence before hiring a Realtor. 82% of recent sellers hire the first agent they meet. Top agents earn 10% more than the average U.S. real estate agent for helping clients sell their homes.

Create a strategy for your sales objectives

During an initial walk through of your home, you’ll have the chance to give your Realtor a guided tour. They’ll be able to make suggestions and comments with an objective lens. Come ready to take notes and be prepared to discuss what’s important to you.

Make recommended indoor and outdoor updates

Your Realtor can help you get the most value for your house by suggesting updates. These are just suggestions, but they don’t come from anywhere and are meant to help you stay current on your property.

Identify and highlight your home’s strongest features

If you’re looking for a new home, make a list of all the things you love about your current house. The longer your list, the more creative your Realtor can be when writing your listing description. Don’t forget to include the schools, parks, stores, and restaurants.

Develop an effective pricing strategy

Your realtor will conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) to suggest an asking price. CMA takes into account recent sales and factors like size, layout, and condition.

However, don’t be afraid to ask more questions if you’re not sure what the best price is for your home. Some agents say overpricing has been common in the seller’s market.

Stage, photograph, and market your home

Your Realtor will likely suggest professional photos for your online listing. Many Realtors work with photographers who they can bring in for photos at no extra cost. Once the listing is live, you can also share it online and with your inner circle, which is super important.

Coordinate showings

Establish some ground rules and make sure your agent knows which days are best for showing your home. Performance is often preferable to none at all. Make sure the house is tidy and that all family members and pets are out of the house before a showing

The field offers and negotiates with buyers

After you accept an offer on a house, you’ll need to rely on your Realtor to fight for your best interests. Educate yourself on Negotiation tactics to help better understand your Realtor‘s negotiating handshakes and negotiating tactics.

Communicate through the inspection and appraisal

Stay calm and work with your Realtor on the next steps. If your buyers request a laundry list of repairs based on the home inspection report, things can get tense. Bottom line is, a Realtor will help you overcome any roadblocks to closing.

When To Contact a Realtor to Sell Your House
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