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Slab Leakage: The Dangers


A slab leak can cause serious damage to your home. A slab leak, unlike other types of leaks, is classified as a problem below the concrete foundation of your house.

We will explain what a slab leak is and how it can cause so much damage to your home.

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak occurs when the concrete slab or pipes beneath your home foundation leak. It can be caused by corrosion, poor installation, climate fluctuations, and other causes.

Look around your house for signs that indicate a slab leak. There may be running water on your floors or wet spots.

Foundation & Home Damage

Slab leaks can cause significant water damage to your home’s foundation. Water damage can occur to your floors, walls, and other areas of your home. It’s difficult to see the damage until it has already occurred, so it is important to know the signs.

Water thrown away

A slab leak can also lead to water wasting. A slab leak will usually require more water to repair your home than usual because the pipes beneath your foundation are water pipes.

Additionally, if there is a leak in the hot water pipe, your water heater may use more energy and accumulate more wear than usual.

A slab leak or a leak elsewhere in the house can be spotted by rising water bills. If you notice these signs, call a plumber immediately.

Leak Detection & Solution Experts

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