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Mark Roemer Oakland Shares How to Protect Your Home Against Burglary



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, your most remarkable experience would become the worst possible day in your life if you returned to a broken home after a vacation. A home burglary is most likely to happen when you’re not at home. Let’s figure out how you can protect your home against burglary.

The Details

  1. Get two clocks and use them at all times – Before a burglar breaks into a home they will go through a neighborhood and look at a row of houses. If they see one lock on the main door, they know it’s the path of least resistance and are going to take it. That’s why you should buy two locks for your home and use them at all times.

If you take the lazy route and just put an extra lock for a show that stays on the door at all times, it’s not going to fool the burglar. When they inspect homes, they press their foot on the door and the amount of wobble or sway tells them if you have one or two locks. Don’t be lazy and develop a habit of using two locks at all times.

  1. Window locks – Apart from being secure, you also need to put up a bit of security theater to discourage them from making your home a target. Adding window locks is one way of doing that. While window locks aren’t very effective, they ring all kinds of alarm bells for burglars since they assume that a home that invests in window locks may have many more security measures at home.
  2. Invest in a home security system – A house with a decent home-security system is least likely to be the target of a burglary. A home security system includes many components. From motion sensors and alarms to sirens, glass break sensors, and surveillance systems. Moreover, modern home security systems are connected to the internet and are powered by AI.

Depending on your setup, these systems can record everything that goes inside your home and outside your property. When they detect an intruder with the help of sensors, they can send you notifications and show you live footage. Some can even be programmed to notify the local authorities and law enforcement immediately. When burglars see that kind of setup, they try to find a different target since breaking into your home requires a lot more effort and comes with many risks.

  1. Don’t use “beware of dog” stickers – Burglars would make your home the target of burglary when they see “beware of dogs” stickers or signs outside your home. It just shows that your home doesn’t have sirens or alarms to avoid spooking the dogs and can be broken into more easily.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to increase your home’s security and protect your home. While it’s impossible to completely burglar-proof your home, you need to take all the measures to make it a very difficult job for burglars to break in. That way they stay discouraged and hopefully don’t invade your home.

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