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What Is Adhesive Vinyl Flooring For The Kitchen?


Adhesive vinyl flooring comprises adhesive tiles or strips made of PVC that are very flexible and can be glued on the old tile in our kitchen.

This self-adhesive flooring for the kitchen is already prepared for installation without levelling the ground and applying a special glue to ensure its correct installation and avoid unwanted movements.

Unlike click vinyl flooring for kitchens, this type of vinyl slat does not have an interlocking system installed, and they are placed next to each other without the need to adjust their linking.

Types of Kitchen Tiles and Tiles

Once again, we have the same finishes or designs available in this type of self-adhesive flooring that we have found in other vinyl flooring systems. We can give our kitchen a modern touch to a vintage or retro style depending on the adhesive flooring; we choose

Imitation Wood:

we find PVC tile designs that pretend to be wood. We can find them in all shades: oak, pine, cherry, walnut or mahogany, all of them “parquet style”.


the most varied shapes and figures to give that retro or vintage style we were talking about—one of the most installed designs in recent years.

Ceramic Style:

With this option, we can imitate stone pavements such as marble with many shades of colour: vinyl floors in grey, pearl, black or blue, among others.

Where to buy self-adhesive vinyl flooring in tiles or planks?

It is easy to find deals online and buy cheap adhesive vinyl flooring for the kitchen in several ways. We will advise you on the option with the best value for money, but you are free to choose the one you like best:


We can buy these vinyl tiles from retail manufacturers on marketplaces like Amazon. We will find a relationship between quality and price with brands like Tarkett, VidaXL, [Neu. Haus], Eco-art, NossaRua or Ambiance-Live as examples. If you are also Prime, buy your adhesive strips to receive in 24-48 hours and even return them if they do not convince you.

2. Private manufacturers or Large Surfaces:

here, we include manufacturers that sell self-adhesive vinyl floors by cutting, shipping in 3-4 days or collection at their facilities and professional installation that sometimes increase the price of this type of vinyl covering.

We highlight brands such as Ikea, Leroy Merlin (Artens), Bricomart, Bricodepot, Aki, Bauhaus, Gerflor and El Corte Inglés. Indeed you have seen the most in-demand models: Aero Wood Artico, Venezia Black, Duna Vallirana, Comodoro Rivadavia or hydraulic self-adhesive vinyl flooring, among others.

3. Do not buy self-adhesive vinyl flooring on Aliexpress! :

the quality of this type of PVC kitchen flooring is usually quite lousy, in addition to taking one month to receive it and having many difficulties returning it.

4. No to second-hand adhesive vinyl planks:

avoid buying this floor on sites like MilAnuncios or Wallapop. They could be in poor condition, used and their adhesive does not stick properly, even damaged. Whenever you are going to install vinyl flooring, place it brand new.

Price of Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles for Kitchen

To obtain an estimate of how much it costs to lay adhesive vinyl flooring, we must take into account three essential aspects. We will list them in order of use in the installation. We will give an example of the total cost:

Cost of the levelling paste or mortar:

To leave all the previous paving or coating the same, we must level the floor to eliminate imperfections and unevenness. Take into account the amount you need to estimate the cost. There are from 1 kg cans to bags of several kgs with prices ranging from €3-4 to €30 in cans and up to €70 in large loads. The average price is €15/m².

Primer liquid:

this liquid must be applied between the levelling paste and the adhesion of the vinyl floor. With it, we can obtain a better fixation of our slats to the ground below.

PVC flooring in Lamas:

we must, as always, calculate the size in square meters of our kitchen to buy the necessary material. Always purchase something else! I could miss you.

Now we are going to include a table with the estimated total cost, depending on whether or not you have to level your old floor if you apply the primer and the amount of adhesive vinyl flooring you need.

Remember that it is an estimate with the data that I have found in the market! It may vary depending on your vinyl floor model and the option you choose regarding levelling mortar and primer:

Can Adhesive Vinyl Flooring be put on the wall?

Of course, yes! If you like an adhesive cladding model, why not install it on the wall? Since there are so many different designs, we can find one that we want to decorate the walls of our kitchen.

We can place these adhesive tiles on tiles or even on cemented walls as long as, as always, we have the wall perfectly level, without protrusions or irregularities that mark imperfections in the slats.

Self-adhesive Vinyl Flooring: Opinions

Observing the opinions of the different buyers, we can see that this type of adhesive PVC flooring is one of the most installed in kitchens. They are effortless to install tiles; it is enough to have the floor well levelled to stick them to the previous pavement.

Many buyers argue that at first glance, “it doesn’t look like it’s going to look good,” but finally, they achieve a quality finish that matches the harmony and looks they need in their kitchens.

I have installed my kitchen floor with adhesive vinyl tiles for three years and am very satisfied. I chose an imitation wood design in a light tone that was in tune with my furniture in walnut colour, and today they are still placed as the first day. In addition, cleaning vinyl kitchen flooring is very simple. It was a great choice!

I hope I have clarified with all this information what these vinyl slats are like, what designs or types there are and what estimated cost they usually have. If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment to help you.

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