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Precautions You Can Take To Keep Termites Away From Your Home


The most common types of termites are subterranean. These are tiny little pests but can destroy even the foundation of buildings, eating furniture, windows, cupboards, and stationery. Moreover, termites are of ground-nesting and wood nesting. While the former is responsible for damage to the building, the latter feeds on wood such as furniture, wooden fences, wooden stairs, and more.

The only option here is to take active precautions. Brisbane termite inspection runs periodic testing to ensure your property is free from any infestation. One of the main reasons termites are challenging to deal with is that they cannot be detected unless they have done considerable damage or have set up large colonies.

Also, thousands of termites live within a colony, and it can be an extensive task even when you call the Brisbane termite inspection team. However, here is a list of things experts recommended to prevent the spread.

Get rid of moisture

Moisture attracts a variety of pests, including termites. Getting rid of excess moisture can help you keep the termites at bay. If it is a humid region, you should better invest in a dehumidifier. During summers, switch on the AC periodically to maintain a cool temperature in the house.

Apply Borate on Wood Before Priming and Painting

Borate is one of the most prevalent termite repellents that Brisbane termite treatment recommends. If your house is under construction, you may always ask the contractor to spray borate on wood prior to priming and painting. It gets soaked into the woods, preventing termites from attacking and nibbling on it. Besides, borate spray can ward off termite infestation for decades.

Fix leaks

You should pay attention to leaks or decay in your house. Decayed roofs and moisture-laden walls are the perfect hosts for termite infestation. Moreover, you may call termite solutions Brisbane to carry out a comprehensive inspection. Once they point out the touchpoints, you should work on the areas to fix them.

Remember, there are dingy spots, especially in basements or corners. Any leakage may invite infestation.

Entry points

Contact susceptible timber with the ground using termite-resistant concrete, steel, and masonry is the best option. The bathroom and kitchen are the entry point. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to these areas. In case your home or apartment is affected by termites, you need to get it treated with a termiticide.

Termite Control Methods

While most construction companies take appropriate measures by treating soil around the foundation, if your building has not been treated with anti-termite chemicals, you may still protect it by utilizing the following termite control methods.

Pre-construction treatment

This is a standard method here in Brisbane before constructing the building. Moreover, the process includes developing a chemical barrier between the ground and the masonry of the foundation. It helps you prevent termites infestation.

Post-construction treatment

While pre-construction treatment is a compulsion, you never know whether the contractors have worked on the area. Therefore, it’s best to run a post-construction termite treatment to protect your property. Here, the treatment comprises drilling holes at the wall and floor junction. After that, Brisbane termite treatment experts level and fill it after pumping good quality chemicals. Once done, you don’t have to worry about the issue of termite growth.


If only a tiny portion of the area has been affected, termite solutions Brisbane may recommend the freezing process. The specialists will visit the site and push liquid nitrogen into afflicted structures. This freezes the walls and termites in their tracks. However, experts may run this process in case of the beginning stages of growth.

Bait Stakes Treatment

Here, the specialists from termite protection Brisbane may insert woods inside the stakes. When termites fill the stake, the wood gets replaced with termiticides. Now exposed termites transfer the termiticides to all the termites, thereby destroying the overall colony.

Liquid Termiticides

Experts apply liquid termiticides entirely around and underneath a structure covering all areas where termites might gain access.


These are actually pyrethroids. These act as nerve poisons that are highly toxic to termites but low toxic to mammals.


Depending on the type of infestation, a specialist may run varieties of chemicals. While most termite solutions in Brisbane utilize natural and eco-friendly chemicals, it is essential to take precautions, especially for children and pets.

Here’s what our experts recommend when your area is undergoing treatment procedure:

  • Use gloves when handling chemicals and thoroughly rinse in water after use
  • Read label or instructions before applying chemical or termiticides
  • Wash your hand and wear clean cloths after using chemicals
  • Ensure the chemical stays out of reach of children and pets
  • Cover food and water containers when treating around livestock or pet area
  • Contact a physician if symptoms of illness occur after spraying or dusting

If termites have attacked your property, the first thing you need to do is call a pest control company. Once they arrive, they’ll carry out a thorough inspection. Considering the number of damage termites can do, the treatment cost won’t appear high.

Final Wrap

Termites are destructive insects. It’s best to prevent them than treat them once they damage your property. You can always seek a professional’s help and cut the burden that comes with the damage it does.

Also, in case you had an inspection some time ago, make sure you run it periodically. Call an expert and keep your area adequately protected.

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