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Thinking of constructing your own house? Here are things you should consider


People spend years and years earning money to buy a house – a house that they may have to compromise on – whether it comes to location, Vaastu aspects, parking spaces, amenities, etc, different types of adjustments have to be made to be able to live peacefully and in the way you want to. However, dreams can become a reality with the construction of your own houses. These days, people are moving towards this culture of buying a piece of land and constructing their own homes over it. This makes it easier for them to be able to get what they want without a lot of concessions on what they would like to have.

This, however, is a full-scale commitment. The house construction cost in Bangalore, alone, can be one of the major aspects that might put a halt to this dream project though.Construction can be a nuanced thing in itself – different aspects need to be planned and put into action, and even those can sometimes not fall into place. Therefore, if you are looking to construct a house for yourself, there are several things that you should keep in mind before entering this process.

Imagine what a fun thing it would be to see this project through from scratch! Do this well with the help of these guidelines:

  1. Plan the schedule for the project to the best of your ability–The first step to any new project would be to create a plan and a schedule. The plans should be wholesome and all-inclusive. From hiring the best house construction company to help you with your project to the budget for the raw materials to the house design to the appliance fitting – ensure that you are taking into account all of this and much more while finalizing the plans for your house.
  2. Contractors– One of the most important aspects of constructing a house would be to hire the right kind of people to help you see the project through. Builders and construction companies with proper licensingand authentic references would be the best choice. Ensure that their ideologies match with yours and they are someone you can communicate with freely. Check their experience level and their reputation in the market along with their ability to meet deadlines. This should help you understand whether you would want to hire them for the construction of your house or go another route.
  3. The right materials–This process can be time-consuming and troublesome, especially for a novice. Not having the exact knowledge of the right kind of materials, fittings, sizes, types of appliances or even raw materials like cement or bricks can put you in a backseat. Consult your contractors or experts before you make any bulk purchase and optimize the cost to the best of your abilities. Another important aspect here would be to check with your hired contractors before you make any purchase as they would be the ones who would be using the materials.
  4. Budget– Needless to say, the budget is one of the first things one considers. Plan your budget well, to include even the tiniest aspects that could play a role in construction. This will help you gain an estimate of the entire project, how much it will cost, and will help you determine the need for any financial aid, if necessary. From start to finish, take into account the costing and the estimated amount you might require to see this project to fruition.
  5. Plan your house for the future – At times, one of the biggest factors that are overlooked is the future orientation in the planning of the house. When we start a project that is so big and can get time-consuming, towards the end, all we can think of finishing it off. This means that the later stages of the construction might get rushed and may not be completed to perfection. Something that is not considered many times is the waterproofing of the house. Ensure that the house you are constructing is well-equipped in all its ways for the future and that you do not have to engage in something like this all over again. This would also include other aspects like having appropriate and enough storage facilities, making plenty of rooms, keeping in mind the design and placement of the house, having a ramp along with stairs, equipping it with technology, etc.
  6. Design the plan– It does not matter whether or not you have the right amount of knowledge to be able to design the plan of the house. However, since it is your home, being an active part and giving your input when the blueprints are being devised would be an important part. This will not only give you the dominant say in how you would want your house to be but will also help you understand what the finished product is going to look like. The first time you see your house should not be once it is done!
  7. Keep an eye out for the work being done– The work does not end once the plans have been devised and are being acted on. One essential part of this would be you being an active part in inspecting and visiting the site of the construction. It provides a responsive feel when you visit the site and the construction happens within your purview and under your vigilant eyes. This will also give you a chance to keep an eye on any discrepancies or things going over budget. Being a part of the plumbing aspects, appliance fittings, paintings, and even the foundation laying will not only teach you a lot but will also help in being mindful of any oversight.

Constructing your house need not be daunting or taxing anymore. Keep a check on the aspects above and you will also learn as you become a part of the process. Choose your helpers wisely and make the most of this time.

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