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Tip on choosing water filters


The cliché “water is life” resonates with everyone, and even if you’ve not heard of it, you know how important how it is. But water is not just water. It has to be pure and clean for it to do your body good. Even manufacturers of purified water will tell you it’s not safe until it is purified.

Water can be divided into two; hard and soft water.

Hard water has high contents of salts and minerals, which are unregulated. You will find it hard to drink or use this for any domestic purpose.

On the other hand, soft water has less minerals and salts and is therefore good for domestic use. You can get this from rainwater or soft water Rivers, wells, etc.

If your water is hard, you’ve to look for a way to make it easy for domestic use. That’s where filters come in handy.

This is important to note: Filters are pretty expensive, so you’ve to know what to reduce to save money and increase efficiency.

This article is a guide as you go choosing water filters

Filter design and media

You’ll find two main types of filter designs in the market- the pleated and the spun/ wound. The latter has filter media wound around some base, thus creating a filtration layer. With the pleated design, the media is folded to form a series of pleats and thus dramatically increases the surface area of filtration. These have a lower pressure drop, thus increasing the flow rate out of the shower filter for well water. The pleated design is perfect for blocking uniformly sized particles with great consistency. It’s great when you have a variety of particle sizes to filter – thanks to the complex and irregular design.

Filters are made of several materials; cellulose, polyester, carbon, and cellulose ones made from plants and least expensive but prone to bacteria infestation. Polypropylene and polyester are synthetic materials and thus more bacteria resistant. You can remove, clean and reuse them, and though their initial cost is higher, the maintenance is cheaper, and you’ve better results.

Filter units

You must have come across pitcher filters and faucet-mounted units. These are convenient, efficient and effective in a variety of standard applications. Most of these use carbon, thus removing the common contaminants in domestic water supplies. But the size and design determine the efficacy of the filters. Thus, for better results, you have to change them often.

UV filter units

The ultraviolet light (UV) can’t be seen, but the wave frequency is amazingly so high that our eyes can’t discern it. This high energy frequency is what makes it perfect for water filtration. The electromagnetic energy can penetrate most of the organism cells and inactivate them. UV purification is recognized by EPA and is the best available technology in the purification world.

When looking for a shower filter for well water, do some research, browse through filter shops online, and you can visit the local reputable ones for a one-on-one experience. Remember, not all water is good for use, but filtered water is great for the well water, making it great.

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