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What Happens When You Don’t Treat Water Damage?


After a flood or water damage, it is critical to repair the damages incurred. Untreated water can affect your home or business in various ways, including mold buildup, pipe leaks, and more. Therefore, regardless of how your house or business suffered water damage, prompt flood and water damage restoration is vital. Untreated water damage comes with potential health and structural risks. Here are things that happen when water damage is untreated.

It Lowers Your Home Value

The consequences of even the slightest water damage are dire and can lower your home value if not properly handled. If you are considering selling your house, such damage can be discovered during the inspection and that means losing some money or even the buyers.

It Corrodes Pipes

Untreated water damage corrodes pipes. With time, the pipes start to leak, leading to more damage. The more the damage, the more it will cost you to repair. Unfortunately, you might not notice the leaks in the ceiling or inside the wall. So, prompt water damage restoration services are vital.

Mold Buildup

This is one common issue with water damage. Untreated water left stagnant for too long leads to the growth of molds. Remember, molds thrive well in areas with high levels of moisture. After the damage, molds start growing within 24 hours. This growth can be quick such that you might deal with a bigger and serious mold problem if not fixed quickly.

Permanent Stains

Water is colorless, but the additional elements in the water will discolor the walls and floors. Water stains after damage are unattractive, and that is something you don’t water in your beautiful home. Even if you repaint, the stains will still be visible behind the new coat.

It Weakens Floors

Some floor materials such as wood are porous. Being porous means that they easily absorb water, just like a sponge does. The walls and floors weaken, get stains and you will need to replace them soon. The more time you take to clean up water damage, the more the problem spreads on the floor.

Electrical Problems

Water and electricity are big enemies that should never mix. So, not treating water damage only puts you at risk of electrical issues like electrocution and circuit damage, not to forget fire hazards. Therefore, restoring water damage should be the first thing.

Pest Invasion

When water is left untreated for a long time, it attracts different types of pests. Pests such as cockroaches, beetles, rodents, and carpenter ants love moist areas. The pests contaminate your home, and with time, you will be dealing with diseases, allergies, food-related sicknesses, and destruction of items.

Water Contamination

Water from the sewage and floodwater is harmful to you and your house. This water might reach your clean water in one way or another. After some time, you will be dealing with water contamination. So, to protect yourself and your household, make sure you call professionals to clean things up.

In Conclusion

The best way you can minimize the health and structural dangers that come with water damage is calling ensuring prompt cleanup. If you think you cannot handle it on time, it is best to call professionals for water damage restoration.

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