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Few Reasons Why Bronze Screws Are Used on Boats


Since the invention of threaded bolts in the 15th century, bronze has been used to screw together boats, and even before that, the Romans employed bronze rivets to hold together components on their enormous ocean-going ships.

Bronze has long been renowned as a corrosion-resistant material that is ideal for a seagoing vessel, and this remains true today. The following are a few good reasons why bronze screws are the preferred option for boat applications.

1. Durability and sustainability

Silicon bronze has a high tensile strength when compared to stainless steel. Bronze screws, as a result, are denser and more long-lasting than steel ones. Bronze carriage bolts and silicon bronze screws offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and are of greater quality.

2.An ideal material

Silicon bronze bolts, in particular, are an excellent choice because the alloy contains relatively little zinc, making it extremely durable. Brass screws, or other “bronzes” that are actually a kind of brass, should not be utilized on a yacht in regions where they will come into contact with seawater on a regular basis.

Brass’ zinc corrodes quickly and vanishes, leaving you with a honeycombed, fragile fastener. Stainless steel is also susceptible to crevice corrosion, and we all know that normal steel or iron rusts.

3. Multipurpose uses

Due to their excellent properties, silicon bronze hex cap bolts and wood screws have a wide range of applications. They work in the marine industry, where they build boats. They are also commonly employed in general construction, refineries, and the power and energy sectors.

4. Outstanding friction reduction

Bronze is a lead-based metal alloy. Lead and silicon are used as lubricants in silicon bronze tools. As a result, long-lasting, friction-resistant, and abrasion-resistant wood screws are produced. As a result, the quantity of energy required on the surface is lowered.

5. Prolonged life span

Silicon bronze has a greater life expectancy than stainless steel. They feature a high fatigue tolerance as well as a high tolerance for cycle loading. The bronze–silicon alloy is tough and durable, and it can endure a lot of abuse.

6. Resistance to corrosion

Bronze is a great choice for below-the-waterline applications since it retains its corrosion resistance in the absence of oxygen and is frequently the least noble metal on a boat. It is more preferable than stainless steel in the construction as well as re-fastening of wooden boats as it has got superior corrosion resistance, and it is favored over brass due to its higher strength.

Bronze is a hue that is akin to copper and is occasionally used in fine woodworking for its beauty. The only disadvantage of bronze is that it is expensive material.

7. Shape and size

The shank diameter of silicon bronze wood screws is the same as the thread outer diameter. This means your clearance hole will be entirely filled, resulting in a watertight seal.

8. Thermal conductivity property

The heat conductivity of silicon bronze is higher than that of stainless steel. They are more efficient in conducting heat and electricity than stainless steel and other metal alloys. Because of their properties, bronze machine screws are significant in electronic components.

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