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When Do You Need a General Contractor for Your Home?


When you are building a house, whether it is a gut renovation or a new build, you will be forced to deal with several pros and tradespersons. So, in most cases, it is a good idea to hire a general contractor. The general contractor can hire and oversee all the other contractors in a project. They can corral and coordinate all these people towards a common goal-build a super house. General contractors are also useful when you are planning on an extensive remodel or adding extensive remodeling to an existing house. 

When to hire a general contractor? 

  1. If major remodeling is required: Even in the case when you are an experienced DIY person, there are many times when you should opt to hire a general contractor for the remodeling work. Experts agree that if your remodeling is going to take longer than a week to complete or when it involves several specialist contractors, you need to get in touch with a general contractor. Kitchen and bathrooms are complex tasks to accomplish and need a GC. For instance, if you are looking to install just a standalone shower out of a kit, any good plumber can help you with it.  
  1. Getting permits: However, when you are looking to remodel the entire bathroom, it will be wiser to get a general contractor that can manage several aspects of the project, including plumbing, tiling, electricity, etc. Another instance when you will need a GC is when building permits are required. The experienced general contractor will be familiar with the code regulations of the locality and the procedures involved, and the bureaucracy. Trying to accomplish all this on your own can be a major headache. There can be several problems with authorities. 
  1. Permitting and coding: If you have incorrect coding and permitting, there are legal ramifications involved. The experienced general contractor takes care of all these things, such as obtaining the permits and staying in compliance with various coding requirements. So you can remain relaxed about the legality of the project. 

Hiring a general contractor

As you will be working with the contractor daily for these projects, it might be a good idea to perform proper research before recruiting one. Keep in mind that the best GCs will be in a lot of demand, so as soon as you get the title on the land and the blueprints for the project, you can start exploring. If you are not sure about where to start, get in touch with co-workers, friends, and family members for recommendations. You can also perform online research for better-rated contractors that have prior experience.

While hiring a general contractor, you can ask him about his licensing, insurance, experience in a specific niche, and whether he can supply references. You need to remember that trying to remodel or build a house can be a dangerous, daunting, and even illegal job in some cases. If you are planning a large-scale renovation and are located in the Tampa, FL, area, get in touch with Hybrid Construction LLC for top-of-the-line work.

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