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Which home building materials must be ordered first before construction can begin?


Building any structure requires construction material but a home is built with countless dreams, hopes and plans. And when it comes to building materials, trust only the best in the market! Purchase a range of home-building materials from Tata Steel! Right from TMT rebars to steel galvanized sheets, structural tubes, and building blocks, purchase these, along with more building materials from Tata Steel Aashiyana! But which essential house construction materials should you purchase to kick-start the building process?

Cement or concrete

Shortly after selecting the area you want to build your home and after beginning the excavation of the area to lay the foundation, one of the things you’d need is cement. It’s absolutely a necessary part of construction owing to its strength, durability, and ability to distribute the building’s weight to the ground, which not only ensures stability but also prevents the settling of the ground.

TMT rebars

Next comes in TMT rebars. Again, one of the essential materials of laying the foundation, the TMT rebars not only give your foundation the structure it needs but also give it unparalleled strength. Now, these TMT rebars are often used in various forms, such as rods for the structure of the beams-pillars that begin deep in the foundation of the construction and steel brackets that are used to bind these rods to help maintain their structure while giving them strength.

Structural tubes

One of the most important parts of building a house is giving it a strong structure which can be given by structural tubes. These structural steel tubes are used to create the primary steel framework of the house, including the floors and walls. Additionally, these tubes are used to also distribute the weight and manage the load-bearing capacity of the house.

Binding wires

While for the foundation, the usage of TMT rebars and structural tubes is necessary but to bind all of these things together, you’d need binding wires. As the name suggests, binding wires are used to strengthen the overlapping joints of rebars and structural tubes. No, these wires come in a wide range of varieties and can be used during the construction process to give your home the security it deserves!

Construction blocks

One of the most important materials used in construction is the building blocks. These building blocks come in a variety of traditional clay bricks and the new age fly ash brick. These blocks are primarily used after laying the foundation as the structures of beams-pillars, floors, and walls are being constructed. While also giving your home a structure, these blocks can equally distribute the weight of building materials while increasing their strength. Additionally, these blocks can also help you soundproof your home while protecting it from the weather outside,

Roofing sheets

Now that your home’s basic structure is complete, next comes in giving your home a roof! To protect your home from erratic weather, debris and other external forces during the construction. More so, even after the construction process, there are many sheets that can give your home’s roof a superior look.

Additionally, apart from the construction materials, you also need a range of tools that are of superior quality and can withstand the rough wear-tear of the construction site.

Now that you know the products and building materials required, you can begin building the home of your dreams and what a better companion to give your home its superior strength than Tata. Through Tata Steel Aashiyana, you can not only get help from planning to executing the building process but also purchase house construction materials. On Tata Steel Aashiyana, you can purchase rebars, structural tubes, wires, construction blocks, roofing sheets, roofing sheets and more!

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