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Signs You Need Excavation Drainage


Is your toilet water draining slower than normal? Is there an unpleasant odor coming from the toilet bowl and sink?

It is possible that your drainage system is clogged or leaky.

Most drainage issues can be fixed quickly if repairs are made immediately. If left untreated, however, it can cause severe damages that could require drainage excavating.

Excavating is required to prevent flooding and water drainage problems, despite the inconveniences.

Continue reading to discover signs that a drainage system is due for excavation.

Completely Collapsed Drainage

When drains completely collapse, it is due to environmental changes and man-made damage.

These natural causes include earthquakes and root intrusion, while man-made conditions are associated with poor planning for new construction.

However, a complete excavation is the only way to save these drains.


Subsidence refers to a natural phenomenon in which the land sinks due to an earthquake or erosion.

Subsidence-affected areas should be avoided as they pose safety risks and must be avoided.

Your plumbing can also be affected by sudden land movements. Pipes systems can become misaligned and sustain damages.

To fix problems caused by earthquakes and soil erosion, contractors mconstructionay have to dig out your drains.

The Presence of Tree Roots

The silent destruction of property by tree roots is a fact that has been proven to be devastating.

Root ingress is also a common problem with drain systems, and they are the leading cause for blockage.

Roots collect water and moisture from the drains, which can cause them to clog, and often lead to cracking and dislodgement of underground pipes.

Leaking Pipeline 

Leaky pipelines are the most common reason for drainage repairs. Leakages underground can cause water to seep into the soil and compromise the integrity of the drains.

Additionally, a turbulent flow can cause a drain’s foundations to weaken slowly.

Busted drainage systems can be identified by multiple leaks. These leaks will need to be excavated before the entire pipe section can be replaced.


Cracks around drains can be a sign of an impending fall. This sign is important as it could indicate a serious underground problem. concrete Cancer is the right term to describe this phenomenon. It refers to the rusting and corrosion of steel reinforcements by water.

The best preventative measure is to excavate the drain area before the situation becomes worse.

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