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Break the Ice between You and Your Parents with these Fascinating Gifts


They have always done it, sometimes overdone it. Made us feel safe, made us feel prepared to face the world, made us feel special. Gave us more than what is affordable. Most importantly, they helped us learn what love and care can be all about. But did we at any point in our lives return the same. Or even a little bit of love and care? We mostly do not, intentionally or unintentionally. But then you feel like breaking the ice between your parents and you and giving them what they truly deserve. So, here are some fascinating gift item ideas for your parents that you can use as the ice-breaker.

1. Family photo album

Though they may already have one, you can always present them an album of family photos they are unaware of or simply do not have. Select those fun-filled photos that your parents would adore and love to add to their home decoration collection, and present them in the form of an album. Spent some moments with them, grazing some wonderful memories as a family.

2. Some me-time for them

They have worked hard throughout their life and deserve some break. Arrange their own ‘me’ time, according to their taste. You can plan for a short trip, arrange a movie or local theatre ticket, an appointment to the spa, or whatever they like to do best as a leisure activity.

3. A tea or coffee maker with a personalized mug

Tea makers are affordable electric appliances with convenience. It is a good gift for your aging parents living in a stage of life where they would want to relax and spend time sipping tea or coffee. Add a personalized mug with this set and see how thoughtful this gift turns out to be.

4. Family name art

A different type of gift it can be but is worth spending money on. Seek the help of experts to create a unique name sign that is artistic and emotional at the same time. Fix this on your parents’ home hallway and see how touched your parents are.

5. A medical equipment

Aging parents are always in need of some medicinal help. Know what kind of medical equipment your parents need that they can self-use and present to them. A blood pressure monitor, orthopedic heat belt, blood sugar monitor, or even an air purifier is a good gift. It can be a beneficial gift showing how you care about them and

6. Vintage suitcase record player

They have their taste of music, and we have ours. Why not give them a player that will suit their taste better? A vintage record player within a suitcase is just apt for your parents as this is portable and can be taken from room to room. This is a unique gift in itself and will amaze the receiver.

7. Personalized jewelry

Jewelry always does the trick, whether it is your spouse or your parents. It need not be an expensive one. Go for something simple, with a message or a name engraved on it.

A wristlet with an ‘I love your mom or dad’ message, a locket with a sentimental photo in it. You can also go for some other accessories like a watch with a family photo – are some great personalized jewelry ideas.

8. A home decor painting

A painting is a great gift to people of any age and relationship. For your parents, choose something more suitable, such as some spiritual paintings. A big Ganesha wall painting, Gautam Buddha painting, or any other deity painting brings positive vibes and evokes spiritualism within the premises. No parent can ignore such a gift.

9. Family activity day

They deserve a whole day from us. Sometimes, it is as simple as only giving some time that does the trick to break the ice. Take a day off, plan for a family outing or an activity day and see how happy you can make your parents by simply spending a few hours of your life with them. You can bake something with your mom, read your father’s favorite book with him, watch a movie, take them to a park or any place they would like to go, cook them some meal or merely take them for a walk.

10. A set of family t-shirts

Family t-shirts come in trendy, cute, and are fun to wear. They are available in various colors and with different cute messages printed on them. Take a day out, make everyone in the family wear the tees, and see how joyful your parents turn into. They are an excellent way to stimulate bonding within the family.

Your parents deserve that extra special gift for giving so much to you. Show them that you care too with these beautiful gifts and see how rightful it feels to make your parents happy.

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